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January 7, 2010

Brother, Oh Baby!

Today all 4 of my Mom's children 
can be found on the other side of 
Hill #60. 
It is brother Jonathan's birthday. 
The big 6-0!
Nicknames, Jocky, Jock, JC, Jace 
and Steve (its a long story).
Remembering Jock's arrival and brother
Ted (about 13 mos older) busted,
lowering the baby down the sewer
in an attempt to retrieve a lost ball.

Little Jocky's famous party piece. 
Told to "relax". In his highchair, 
fists clenched, face tensed into a 
grimace. Loving the laughter. 

Jock, Ted, Susan and Me in the Ice Age


Jock in his first car

In the 70's
So many funny stories, like the time
he grew impatient waiting for Ted
to get home and tried to install an 
air conditioner in a second floor
window by himself. Mom, back 
turned reading, oblivious to the
Then, "Mom, how badly did you 
want air conditioning?
Now a respected retired Dentist 
in suburban Chicago. Self taught banjo 
player, super gardener, jewelry designer,
cook and husband.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jock! No matter 
how old. You'll always 
be my baby brother. ;-)
Huge hugs and all my love, C 


  1. What a beautiful collection of memories. I'm very lucky to be a part of this wonderful (crazy!) family. Happy Birthday Uncle Jace...

    Aunt Carolyn you forgot one nickname - UJTF. :)

  2. Happy birthday to Baby Brother! Love the Mark Spitz mustache and do :-)

  3. Thanks, DB.
    He'll love the Mark Spitz reference.... beats the "lounge lizard" label I gave it. ;-) Like Ted, he's one of the good guys!

    Good to hear from you.
    Have a happy.healthy and prosperous new year!