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October 25, 2009

Trick or Treat

My illustration from QUESTIONS,by Lee Bennett Hopkins
The smell of the greasepaint (literally), cold cream,
spirit gum, horse hair wigs and beards and false 
mustaches and black out wax for teeth. A beat up 
top hat and Mom's old black velvet opera cape and 
assorted old clothes, accessories and sheets as needed. 
Greasy faces, painted freckles and scars, blackened 
teeth, red lipstick, itchy wigs. I longed for a glitter 
mask, a little tulle, perhaps a magic wand. 
Something pretty.
One year when  I was 5 or 6 and had a Halloween 
party to attend, our next door neighbor, Ann Roth 
made my costume. A modern dancer with many 
beautiful costumes and accessories.
Ann Roth and me 

Over my blue cotton leotard a long swirly dance skirt 
pulled up under my armpits and tied at the waist 
with a long silk scarf. Pinned with a perfumed 
nosegay of handmade silk pongee roses. More on 
the skirt, another on my shoulder and some on my 
hair. Pink lipstick and cheeks.
So pretty I walked on tiptoes.  :-)


  1. Was that Ann Roth, the Academy Award winning costume designer? We held an exhibit of some of her work at the Warehime-Myers Mansion here in Hanover earlier this year. How cool that she designed your costume!

  2. Sorry, not the same Ann Roth.

    My Ann Roth was Anna Criss Roth,
    a dancer and teacher of Modern Dance.
    She came from a distinguished family of
    artists. Her brothers were painter
    Francis Criss and Oboist William Criss.
    Her husband, Manny, played in the
    Philadelphia Orchestra.