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August 4, 2009

Murphy Calls

Illustration from QUESTIONS, by Lee Bennet Hopkins

Here I sit amongst my belongings piled high
around me. Waiting for the fates to finish
with their latest form of amusement.
Postponing my date with the window
replacement guys.

Yes, that which was originally scheduled for
Wed. Aug 4, then moved to Thurs. Aug 5 has
now gone on to Fri Aug. 6. I'm thinking next
Monday or Tuesday is probably more like it.

The problem, my dear Watson, seems to be
something lacking in the equipment on the
roof that handles and/or supports the sling
apparatus required by the men working on
the outside of the building. While I naturally
want these guys to be safe and secure as they
dangle 37 stories above the pavement, I would
also like this to be over within my lifetime,
preferably before my next birthday in May.

From past experiences, I know the only way
is to convince the Fates, who report directly
to Murphy, patron saint of all things out of
our control, that I don't care a fig about all
the mess and inconvenience. At which time,
they will move on to annoy whomever is next.

PS: Meanwhile, the cat boys are enjoying all
the new places to hide behind and under
tarp covered moved furniture and books.

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