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July 4, 2009

Bird In Hand

Feeding birds in Washington Square with Mom
on July 3, 2009. Catty corner to Independence
Hall Park Philadelphia, PA.

Spread seeds. See who comes.
Sparrows, Finches show up first.
Noisy fledglings chirping,"Feed me, feed me!"
Then the Pigeons. Pecking up seeds like
feathered Hoovers.

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I like Pigeons. They seem to be the only birds that
come in different colored suits. Some Quaker plain.
Others sporting subtle to riotous patterns, light and
dark, brown, buff, rust, cream, white, taupe
blue grays. Some with military style wing stripes.
Red or orange eyes and all with red feet.

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Their soft coo-ing like cats purring.
I admire creatures that live in the city alongside
humans. I know about the mess they make.
(I think Humans leave much more.)

Two Pigeons were either particularly hungry
or brave or both. One two-tone gray with two
crippled feet, toes curled under. The second,
handsome, young, soft burgundy over dove
gray. Took turns taking peanuts from my hand.
What was he/ she thinking looking
at me through mercurochrome orange eyes?
(Same as cat boys at snack time?)

On left, crippled Pigeon on the ground, young handsome one on my hand.

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