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May 13, 2009

Visitor From Outer Space

On the phone this morning, gazing at
the window behind me reflected on my dark
computer screen.

Suddenly a pigeon landed on the outer
windowsill. A big deal up here on the 37th floor.
Besides the occasional window washer, we
almost never get live visitors from the world

Years ago, before cats came, a young
Peregrine Falcon stopped on the same sill
to rest during soaring practice. But that's

My cat boys, have only witnessed birds on
the wing from a distance, or a quick glance
from behind the mesh of their carrier going
through the park on the way to the vet.
They see more airplanes and helicopters.

Went to get Tizzy and Fred up from
their morning snooze in the other room.

Fred realized something was afoot and
followed immediately.
But TZ beat him to the window.

Tiz is still there along with the pigeon.
The visitor from outer space being carefully
(with a modicum of frustration) observed by
the inhabitant of this inner space, high up
over center city.

PS: The Pigeon remained on the sill from shortly after 9AM
until it took off shortly after 4PM when I tried to give it a
little drink of water in a small cap.
It was a young bird as it still had traces of pinfeathers
sticking through its flight feathers like honey colored threads
in a tied quilt. And its eyes were still
brown, not yet red.

Godspeed little Pigeon.
Welcome back anytime.

1 comment:

  1. I think the falcon on my window sill would be very cool indeed.