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April 8, 2009

Honoring The Year Of The Rabbit

In honor of Chinese New Year, the year of 
the RABBIT, a redux of an appropriate
personal post from April 2009.

Two kroliks......

When preparing for my trip to Russia,
a favorite Russian speaking NY editor
warned me that not knowing the language
I could go missing in Moscow.
With little time before departure, I
thought I'd try to at least learn the Cyrillic
alphabet. (after all, little Russian kids do it
all the time).
Soon I was sounding out Russian words for
ordinary objects in a traveler's pocket Russian
vocabulary book.
One day, part way through the list of food
items, I read the word кролик. Pronunciation,
krolik, English translation, hare or rabbit.
Grandfather Кролик (Crollick)

My paternal Grandfather's original name when he
left Russia in the early 20th Century was Krolik.
(changed to Crollick in England, which at some point
changed to Croll when his widow, my Grandmother
immigrated here).
Seems many family members already knew this.
Why hadn't anyone told ME?
"You never asked".

My collection of kroliks

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