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August 18, 2008

Fred demands his 15 minutes

No sooner did I begin this blog, hoping to jump start my brain a little in the midst of an assignment famine than suddenly deadlines were back. 
Meanwhile, Fred  has been  tapping his paw. I mean....... Tizzy has HIS blog post! Where's mine?
Usually Fred is interested in sticking to a tight schedule (his), running into the outside hall when I open the 
apartment door and treats. He is polite, tapping me on the shoulder in the wee hours of the morning, for a belly rub.
When I'm working, he pops up over the top of my vertical drawing board. All I see is his head and front paws. It's  Freddie my hand puppet! 

I've still got work to finish and a speaking engagement tonight featuring my book, REDOUTE, The Man Who Painted Flowers, but I can take the pressure just so long.

How's that Freddie?  

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