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August 18, 2010

Getting Sirius, Dog Days

(click on images to enlarge)

In case anyone thinks this blog has gone to the cats,
I felt compelled to mention that I have drawn and
painted my share of dogs as well. 
For reasons that will become immediately obvious,
I'm starting with my chapter heading (above) for 
"Siriusfrom Peter Limburg's WHAT'S IN THE 
Sirius being the "Dog Star" after whom these dog 
days of August are named.

This farm dog from my THE THREE BROTHERS,
Whitebird/Putnam hangs around Amos, the youngest 
brother while he does chores. Animals can enliven
picture book illustrations, even when they may not 
mentioned in text.

VERY YOUNG (known in my family as the
Patty Cake Book) Random House, pup enjoys
the game.

This dog "helps" the girl put on a warm sweater
in SNOW, LET'S GOby Karen Berman Nagel, 
Scholastic Cartwheel.

From Baby Bug Magazine. Can you hear the 
puppy panting waiting for the boy to throw the ball?

Doesn't the picture say it all? (check out the dog's
expression). Sample promotional piece.

And In Memorium
left; Buster and right; Sophie Schnauzer Croll, Tizzy and Fred's
Chicago cousins

Sadly, my brother Jonathan sent word today
that his beloved little Schnauzer "Cutie Girl 
Sophie, Queen-of-Almost-Everything" passed 
away this morning. 
Hopefully joining the spirit of her brother, Buster. 
 ^..^      ^..^
( x )     ( x )


  1. Wow! Your work is delightful!! And your stargazing illustration is so wonderful.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words
    and taking the time to comment.

  3. I'm so sorry about Sophie. :~(
    I love all the dogs in the pictures.

  4. That top illustration slays me!

    Please give Jonathan my condolences. I can see that Sophie was indeed royalty.