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April 12, 2014


Fred E. Cat hiding under the bedspread.

   Haven't posted much for a long while 
due to a number of unforseen momentous 
life events suddenly requiring all my attention.
   The latest of which is preparation for 
impending hip replacement surgery in 
about a week. 
   Can hardly wait to sit, stand, walk 
and/or roll over after so many months 
of awful soreness, exhaustion, 
expletives and pain meds.
   Brother Ted nicknamed me "Sore Ella" 
from sorellaItalian for sister.
   SO looking forward to getting back 
to work and gathering normally again 
with family and friends.
  Just a little more patience.

February 16, 2014


February just happens to be National Children's Dental Health Month. 


Well maybe a look through Dr. Theodore Croll's

will snap you and/ or your kids out of the deep freeze outside and into the hot stuff that could be happening in your mouth!

Not  just your usual admonition to brush and floss. 

A Dentist's view of what's gross, disgusting and needs fixing inside a neglected mouth.
Accompanied by riviting clearly written descriptions, and inluding results of the Dentist's fascinating work.

Encouragement for better dental hygiene!

Proud to declare that long before becoming a most respected Pediatric Dentist, Husband and Father, the Author/ Photographer
 has always been my dearest clever brother Ted.

Book available:

November 30, 2013


Tizzycat, 4 or 5 months old watching his first snow
fall. So excited he chirped like a bird.
My iPad sketch of the memory of that moment. All babies
love snow.

November 22, 2013


My illustration of the Mayflower from THE STORY OF THE PILGRIMS, by Katharine Ross, Random House

This Thanksgiving, more than ever, I am deeply thankful for my incredible loving, caring, generous
and entertaining family. Our Mom's best gift to all of us. 

September 2, 2013


Because our Mom was the apple of her Daddy's eye,

Mom on her Daddy's shoulder, Atlantic City, NJ around 1926.
He wanted her to have the best of everything.
Mom loved music.
So when she was eight years old, her Dad bought her a
And it was GRAND! Actually, a small grand piano,
made by one of the best piano makers in the world.

Mom, age about 5 or 6, a few years behore she got her pian
Mom learned to play her beautiful piano.

She had it all her life. 
When she married.

Mom about 20, just before marriage.
Had the 4 of us.

We all played UNDER the piano.

We plunked keys.
Some of us took lessons...but only sister Susan
was good at it.

We moved 8 times growing up and Mom's piano
always went with us. It was restored, keys replaced
and refinished. Originally black, then rich auburn.
After each move, Mom had it tuned.

Sadly, Mom left us at the end of May.
Couldn't take anything with her, not even her
precious piano.

We are looking for a new home for her piano.

August 28, 2013


My idea of a good time....
Cutting a swath through a bead show with cousin Janet
Cheering and stirs imagination.

Some of this year's haul..........

African beads made from old vinyl records.

African beads from wound recycled paper.

Czech Glass beads

Enameled copper beads