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August 11, 2010

Alarming Fred

Time to make the coffee this morning. 
                     (click to enlarge)

Every morning dear clever Freddie lets me know 
the kettle is boiling. Its also how I know its time 
to clip his claws. Forensics; tiny holes on the upper 
right leg of jeans and work pants match his paw 
prints which match the pin holes in my thigh. 
And now, caught in the act, photo evidence.  =^..^=

PS: DNA match found in claw clippings 


  1. If I was being examined by forensic scientists after my murder, I always picture one noting the unusual defensive wounds and another say, no, she's a booby-trapped cat owner!

  2. Even bruises....
    TZ head butts me to roll over at night.
    Fred "trampolines" on my middle to wake me up.
    If TZ is sitting on me and the phone rings... he
    leaves traction marks across my belly.
    Good to hear from you, Ediew.