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February 17, 2011

New Tricks Cont'd

This might look like just another picture 
of a lady holding a cat,
But to me its a large leap in my learning 
to draw and paint on my trusty IMAC.
click on image to enlarge

Wanting to see if I could bring some pattern and texture
into a scene, using software bells and whistles.
Learning to think and work differently.
I always learn better by giving myself a project rather than
following a written handbook, especially without pictures.
(Its what kept me from thinking about Law school or
Medicine. ;~)  I'd never have made it through the 
dry reading matter.)
Beginning with large simple shapes of "painted" color 
instead of a loose line drawn pencil sketch of my drawing
board days.
No more sheet after sheet of heavy tracing paper
redrawing and refining the elements. Gone are endless
bits of changes on paper scraps, some floating to the
floor to be found only when cleaning up afterwards.
Modeling shapes directly, saving the image at each stage
so I can to return to any without constant redrawing.
In this unfinished garden scene, I created just
one example of each flowering plant, copying and 
pasting more as needed and placing them anywhere. 
Easily building my border. 

Good to shake things up once in a while and learn 
something new. Friends who have been with me from 
the beginning have said that my computer done work, 
still looks like I did it. Very reassuring. ;~)
Best part for me? NO mess to clean up afterwards.


  1. I am dazzled with your results! Yes, your distinctive style still shines through. I am impressed with the way you were able to create a nuanced expression on her face.

    Please be careful that you don't develop carpal tunnel syndrome:

  2. As the computer is really just another tool, a different, more complicated, very expensive, electronic tool, the result SHOULD look like the artist's other work, unless the artist decides to alter their "style".

    Working with pencils and pens and brushes can also give you carpal and leaves your drawing hand fingers with calloused pressure bumps. And then there are the xacto knife scars and fizative fumes.....
    Art can be a dirty dangerous business. :~)

  3. I think these look great. You know I'm 'with you' on all of this.
    The tracing paper thing - oh yes, the little bits, that perfect hand or bit of still life or hairdo, lost forever somewhere on the floor! ha ha

  4. It's wonderful how you've gotten to the place where digital looks just like "by hand" Have you done an assignment yet or have you done many and I just can't tell. It's magic