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October 13, 2009

Birthday Boy, Oh Boy!!

Sister Susan and I were already here when
brother Ted arrived. I tease Mom that we 
two sweet obedient  little girls deceived her
into having an other child, Ted (and even one 
more after THAT! brother, Jonathan).
I recall the color draining from her face
watching 2 year old Ted hanging by his knees
from the top bar of the backyard swing. Too
afraid to shout, lest he fall.
Chaos, his milieu. Couldn't stay still or
stand peace and quiet. Yet never mean.

Growing up, a few broken bones, many practical jokes.
Second grade teacher didn't appreciate his iconoclasm
or my Mother defending his creativity.
So many stories, now family legends.
These days he's also a husband and Dad, a most respected
Children's Dentist, an inventor, writer and infamous punster.
My dear brother and friend.

So on the sixty first anniversary of his arrival, 
wishing my dearest brother Ted, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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  1. brother Ted, happy birthday! have a nice day, a nice week. Enjoy it!

  2. Muchas gracias, Valeria.

    I will share your wishes with Ted.
    I am assuming that Olivia is your daughter. Very sweet.
    Ted and I both wish her a wonderful birthday as well.


  3. Such a nice post. You forgot to say that he is also very good at detective work. Happy birthday, Ted, and thank you for solving the dutchbaby mystery.

  4. Ha, ha!! Very good, Diana.
    He IS a good detective.